15 Witchy Reads for October

October is here, which means it’s witching season! I adore magical books and books about witches. I love a good dark magic book and I also really enjoy urban magic books. Honestly, I really want to be a witch or have some sort of magical power, it’s my greatest wish. Ah well, I’ll just have to settle for Witchy reads.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite witchy fiction books and I hope you find one you absolutely love. Some of these are more magical in nature, some are wicca inspired, some are set in Salem during the witch trials, and some are straight up witchcraft books. All of them are perfect for the Halloween season though!

As always, click on the title or the synopsis of the book to see more information and to purchase it!

Good Omens

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. This is a must read of his and you can even decide to binge the Amazon show instead. Now on it’s second season Good Omen’s is one you won’t want to miss.

Practical Magic

The story of the 3 generations of Owens women are chronicles in Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic series. I would recommend either reading them in the published order of: 1. Practical Magic, 2. The Rules of Magic, 3, Magic Lessons. Or you can read them in chronological order: 1. Magic Lessons, 2. The Rules of Magic, 3. Practical Magic. Either way you’ll want to read all three of these books to get to know the Owens family. After you read these make sure to watch the classic Practical Magic movie with Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock

All Souls Trilogy

One of my all time favorite trilogies features a spellbound witch, a vampire, and a manuscript that ties them together. These books are filled with magic, history, time travel, and romance. AMC has season 3 in the works for their TV adaptation. It’s something I still need to watch but I hear it’s good.

The Physick Book of Temperance Dane

A Storm of Witchcraft

For those looking for a non-fiction read, A Storm of Witchcraft is perfect for you. Baker takes readers through the Salem Witch Trials and illustrates the conditions that produced this panic.

The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop

If you are looking for a cutesy and entertaining magical read, than the second book in Abigail Drake’s South Side Stories is for you.

The Secret History of Witches


Madeline Miller’s mythological story about the Greek goddess Circe, is vivid and magical. While this is not your normal witchy read, Circe is said to the Witch of the Odyssey. I adore this book and you can see my full review HERE!

The Witches Daughter

Magic For Liars

I really enjoyed this half mystery, half magical story of two twin sisters. Set at a modern day magic school, this is more mystery than anything else plot wise.

The Witch of Willow Hall

The Witches of New York

Part Victorian fairy tale, part penny dreadful, The Witches of New York is perfect if you’re looking for a dark witchy story.

The Familiars

Less witchy read, more magical realism, The Familiars covers the Pendle Hill Witch Trials of 1612. See my full review HERE!

Witches of East End

Another witchy book that was turned into a TV show. It lasted two season and can be binged on Amazon!

A Witch in Time

I hope you found a book that you are truly excited about in this post. Let me know which other new releases you are excited for this month by commenting below or by messaging me on Instagram @speakingof_books. Don’t forget to follow me to weekly reviews, new release updates, and other reading lists!

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