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I read American Royals (see my full review HERE!) last year and LOVED IT. Imagine that America still has a monarch like England. If you are love the British Royals then you will love this series.

The second book in the series, Majesty, is just as good as the first book. It picks up exactly where the first book left off, but McGee provides you with just enough background to 1. not be repetitive and annoying, and 2. feel that you just read the first book, even though in my case it’s been a full year. I get worried about starting unfinished series because I feel that I lose out on some of the story that way, but this series doesn’t have the problem at all.

In Majesty, Beatrice has taken her place as Queen. And much like in The Princess Dairies she’s expected to rule but not by herself, because she’s a women. As Beatrice navigates the waters of being America’s first Queen, Sam her sister and second in line to the throne, is back to her usual party girl ways. The tension between the two sisters is massive, and honestly if they just communicated a bit they’d have a better relationship. But as most siblings, we always think the other has the better hand.

This book has everything you need for a YA read. Glamour, teenage angst, a villain looking to more up in the world (I’m looking at you Daphne, who is the worst!), siblings rivalries, and of course social media because this book is set in present day! I highly recommend this series for anyone looking for a fun YA series or for anyone who is obsessed with the British Royals.

This book comes out Tuesday September 1st. Make sure this is on your list, get it HERE!

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