Under Pressure

At a Glance

Title: Under Pressure (Lucas Page #2)

Author: Robert Pobi

Published: August 6, 2019 by Minotaur Books

Page: 400

Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Goodreads Rating: 4.42 out of 5

My Rating: ★★★★★



My Thoughts

I love a good cop, mystery, thriller series. When Minotaur sent me Under Pressure to review, I was stoked but I hadn’t heard of Robert Pobi before and had certainly not read the first book in the series City of Windows. So of course I investigated the first book, read it, enjoyed it, and then started in on Under Pressure. While these are standalone books, as are many crime series, I still find I like to read them in order, just so I can get all the background knowledge! Sometimes it doesn’t matter but in this case I’m glad I read City of Windows first. Mainly because I loved Under Pressure so much more and I would have been disappointed in City of Windows if I would have read it second. Anywho, you can find my full review for City of Windows HERE!

Lucas Page is back and while he has sworn to not help the FBI again, the bombing of at a Tech company Gala, killing over 700 people is hard to argue with. Additional bombings in the city center have people on edge, and once again Page is asked to join the team to unearthed the mastermind before the events.

Since I already read the first book in this series, Lucas Page has grown on me as our protagonist. Again, this time he’s quirkier, more pessimistic, crankier, and just a little more lovable. Why, I have no idea. Pobi, does finally give us a bit more on Page’s background though and his story is what gives him a lighter edge and also gives the reader more understanding into why he is, who he is. As a foster kid, Page jumped around from home to home, until a little old rich lady took him in and gave him the world. Which explains why Page is guarded around most people, and why him and his wife have adopted 5 kiddos into their family.

Agent Whitaker is back again as well! I really enjoyed her character in the first book and was glad to see her back. She is an intelligent young black women, who’s constantly surprises Page. Their banter and they’re budding friendship really ties this story together. I mean what good crime solving book doesn’t have a dynamite duo??

This book was less political in nature, and I really enjoyed his take on societies dependence on technology. I won’t go to deep into this so as not to spoil the book, but just know I have zero plans to burn my cellphone.

Y’all this book was crazy fasted paced and full of heart pounding moments. This book is a page turning, rollercoaster ride, that starts and ends with a bang, literally! This book released August 4th, you can get it here!

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on Under PressureIf you liked this review please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my instagram @speakingof_books. Huge thank you to Minotaur Books for my ARC. 

About the Author

Robert PobiROBERT POBI has fished for great whites off Montauk, chased coyotes with a dune buggy in the Mojave, and spelunked caves in the former Yugoslavia. He is a renowned expert in English period furniture and makes a mean coq au vin. He spends most of his time in Montreal, Canada. Due to his private nature, he does not do Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok or any other social media. He rarely does writers conferences, events, book signings, or interviews. And much to his agent’s irritation, he does not own a cell phone. He is, however, working on his email skills.

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