May Mid-Month Check In

Another month is flying by. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. While Texas has started to open back up, we’re still trying to stay home as much as possible. Thankfully I work from home already, so I won’t need to worry about going into the office anytime soon. My husband also owns his own Pool company, so he’s been going to work throughout quarantine as ‘essential service’ personal, but he doesn’t come into contact with too many folks.

We are starting to go a little stir crazy this month and even though we have just as much down time as in April, my will to read was much lower this month so far. Even with that I’ve managed to get in 5 books so far and am finishing up my 6th book todays, I hope.

I’m up to 46% of my reading goal completed, Yay! And my reading stats for the month so far are below!


What I’ve read so far


What are you currently reading? Any 2020 favorites you have read so far this month!

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