April Wrap Up

Another month of self-isolation down and more to come. Honestly for us self-isolation has not been to bad. I do miss going out with friends but man is my TBR loving the extra reading time. We are not even into the fifth month of the year yet and I am already at 41% of my 2020 reading goal completed! Go Allie!

Rolling into April I was feeling hella anxious. Everything going down with COVID-19 had me worried and I really needed to start the month off with something light to take my mind off of it. I ended up reading quite a few rom-coms which is very atypical for ya girl but I did really enjoy them. I had a handful of meh books but the rest of the books I read this month were stellar!

Complete List of Everything I read in April 2020

  1. The Water Dancer: Ta-Nehisi Coates | ★★★★| See my full review HERE!
  2. Sin Eater: Megan Campisi|★★★ | See my full review HERE!
  3. The New Husband:  D.J. Palmer|★★★★ | See my full review HERE!
  4. Beach Read: Emily Henry |★★★★ | See my full review HERE!
  5. The Guest List: Lucy Foley |★★★★ | Full review coming next week!
  6.  The Library of Legends: Jamie Chang | ★★★★★ | Full review coming this weekend!
  7. The Roxy Letters: Mary Pauline Lowry |★★★★★|See my full review HERE!
  8. The Split: Sharon J. Bolton |★★★★ |See my full review HERE!
  9. To Have and to Hoax: Martha Waters| ★★★★| See my full review HERE!
  10. The Socialite: J’nell Ciesielski | ★★★| See my full review HERE!
  11. Brunch & Other Obligations: Suzanne Nugent |★★★★★|See my full review HERE!
  12. The Ancestor: Danielle Trussoni | ★★★ |See my full review HERE!

Reading Stats

My favorite book for the month of April is a tie between: Brunch & Other Obligations, The Roxy Letters and The Library of Legends.


Goal Updates

For 2020 I am attempting at keeping myself more accountable for the goals I set myself. You can see a full list of my 2020 goals HERE. Below I have highlighted some of my progress towards these goals. This is just a snapshot, but I believe that sharing it with you, my reader, helps me to stay motivated which leaves me more likely to reach them. Like I said March was a crazy month, but I did make some progress on my main goals.

  • Reading Goal: 41% of my reading goal completed this month. This is an increase of 11% from March.
  •  I only purchased two books outside of my BOTM subscription. I was really interested in The Ancestors and also picked up The Southern Book Clubs Guide for Slaying Vampires, which I have not read yet.
  • My Netgallery rating is up 5% from 11% at the end of March to 17% at the end of April.
  • Sadie and I are back into running. We’ve been pretty consist the last few weeks. I’m still slowly working back up to my old pace but I did get a good 5miler in.
  • Once again I kept up with posting 3+ blog posts a week. I feel myself getting into a really good rhytum with my posts & find that I am doing so much better about writing reviews as soon as a finish a book instead of procrastinating. I’m also just about to hit 200 followers on the blog!
  • While I am nowhere near 10,000 followers on Instagram I am at almost 3.4K+ which is almost a 300+ follower increase for April.

Oh April, you were a strange month. We spent a lot of time watching tv and reading in our house as I’m sure so many others are lately. We were feeling very cooped up in the middle of the month but have now gotten into a really good rhythm. Sadie and I are sure to go for our daily walks, which make sure we get some fresh air but also get us out of the house!

I hope you enjoyed my April Recap. What other facts and tidbits would you like to know about my reading or even about my month? If you liked this recap please let me know either by commenting below or by visiting my Instagram @speakingof_books.  

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  1. thebrowneyedbookworm says:

    Love your goals and it looks like your are making great strides toward your end goals.

    1. Allison Speakmon says:

      Thanks for reading! Goals are always a work in progress

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