Ultimate Spring Break Reading List

Even though I’m an ‘adult’ and don’t technically get a Spring Break anymore, I’ve still sat down to put together, what I think, is the ultimate Spring Break Reading List. These are all books that I have loved that I feel will fit perfect as a trip companion or even just perfect to read by some type of body of water.

My favorite types of books to read on vacation are: quick reads, series, and a light contemporary fiction. However, everyone likes to read different types of genres on vacation or when relaxing, so I have broken down my recommendation by genre.


Thrillers are my favorite genre. They are fast paced and I can generally read them in one sitting, since they are normally shorter than other types of genres. This was so difficult for me to just choose three options, but all three of these books will hook you from the first page and you will want to binge it in a day. They are all also encompass different themes. Verity has a romance aspect, The Sun Down Motel has a supernatural twist, and The Hiding Place is a mystery you will need to uncover. the hidingverity.jpg




If you follow my blog or Instagram, you will know the romance genre is not my go to. Even with that I still have two favorites that you will want to binge. They are your perfect light and fun romance stories to accompany any beach trip.


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Young Adult

Another perfect genre for reading by some type of body of water are Young Adult (YA) books. YA books are great to read when you might prefer something a little lighter. While some YA books are a little heavier in nature, I’ve chosen YA books that are perfect for zoning out and recharging. Three out of the four picks listed below are the first in a series, so if you end up loving it, you’ll have a second book to read!






Personally, I’m not a huge Non-Fiction fan but these are three of my absolute favorites. They are addicting and you will not be able to put them down. sound



Fantasy & Science Fiction

Most Fantasy and Science Fiction books can be bricks, aka over 500 pages. That does not scream ‘Spring Reading’ to me so I have picked my favorite shorter books. Each of these has a Sci-Fi or Fantasy aspect to them, but are a little more upbeat in nature. You can easily read each of these in a day or two.



Historical Fiction

One of my absolute favorite genres. I love learning something new while also following the amazing stories these authors come up with. I highly recommend each of these books and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is one of my all time favorite books.



I hope you found this something that peaked your interest in this list. Each and everyone of these books is a story I have enjoyed. Many of these books have full reviews here at Speakingof.org, check them out! If you decide to read one of these recommendations and would like to chat about it feel free to comment below or message me on Instagram @speakingof_books.


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