The Fowl Twins

At a Glance

Title: 39816061. sy475 The Fowl Twins

Author: Eoin Colfer

Published: November 5, 2019 by Harper Collins

Page: 3.68

Genre: Middle Grade, Fiction

Goodreads Rating: 4.17


“Criminal genius runs in the family…
Myles and Beckett are eleven-year-old twins, but the two boys are wildly different. Beckett is blonde, messy and sulks whenever he has to wear clothes. Myles is fanatically neat, he has an IQ of 170, and he wears a fresh suit every day like his older brother, Artemis Fowl.

Perhaps you have heard of the Fowl family and their adventures?

This Fowl adventure is filled with the most unusual of individuals: an immortal duke, a miniature troll, a nunterrogator and a Police Specialist that’s 42% elf. And of course, the Fowl twins – one a certified genius with a criminal leaning, and the other possessing an unusual talent that has not been fully explored… yet!

Here begins the second documented cycle of Fowl Adventures.

The first in a breath-taking new series from global superstar Eoin Colfer. Set in the multi-million bestselling world of ARTEMIS FOWL.”


I’ll start by saying that while Artemis Fowl See the source imagefans will love this book, reading the Artemis Fowl series isn’t necessary to enjoy The Fowl Twins! Which is great because it’s been like two decades since I originally read the Artemis Fowl books, so my memory is sketchy on them. I do remember loving the stories though and so I was super excited when I received an Advanced Copy from Disney Books!

The Fowl Twins is a fun book. I love that Colfer slowly reintroduces the world of the Fowls for readers. That way new readers can get a sense of the world. I did love that this series is able to stand independent from the original series. We still get a glimpse into what Artemis is doing but the story is really all about the twins.

The twins are completely different personalities, which did take me a minute to figure out who was who, but it adds a quirky sense of banter and humor to the story. Ultimately, the dynamic between the twins is well balance and well developed,

Overall, the book wasn’t as fantastical as I remember the original series being but it’s still a really fun and fast read. It’s perfect for middle-grade readers so if you have any young readers in your life this will be a great Christmas present for them.  Get it HERE!


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