August 2019 Wrap Up

IMG_1782 (1)As sad as I am to see August wrap up, it’s also my least favorite month of the year. Mainly because it’s the hottest month and Texas and my poor A/C can barely keep up with the 100+ temperatures. So the end of August officially brings the end to ‘the Heat’ for us Texas. By that I simply mean no more 100+ days, we don’t actually break out our jeans and coats until after Halloween. August ending also means September is here! Which September is my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month! (better update my Amazon wish lists, lol). It’s also my fiancé’s, my father’s, my mother-in-law’s, and like 4 of my closest friends birthday month too, so yea September is a busyyy month for me.

Regardless of the heat, August was still a pretty good month. We got a couple of last of the season pool days in, we went up to the lake for a weekend, I picked up my wedding dress, I finished a Whole 30 without cheating once, and I read a whopping 11 books this month! And they were all pretty solid too. Next month I hope to bring you more stats around my reading but until then here’s a recap of my month

August Reading

  1. The Wanderers | Chuck Wendig -★★★★ See my full review HERE 
  2. The Whisper Man |Alex North – ★★★★ See my full review HERE
  3. Wilder Girls | Rory Power – ★★★★
  4. The House of Salt & Sorrow |Erin A. Craig – ★★★★See my full review HERE
  5. Beyond the Point | Claire Gibson – ★★★★★ See my full review HERE
  6. Confessions of a Shopaholic | Sophia Kinsella – ★★★★
  7. Shopaholic takes Manhattan |Sophia Kinsella – ★★★★
  8. Goodbye, Vitamin | Rachel Khong – ★★★ See my full review HERE
  9. Turn of the Key | Ruth Ware – ★★★★★ See my full review HERE
  10. The Sound of Gravel | Ruth Wariner –  ★★★★★ See my full review HERE
  11. How to Walk Away |Katherine Center – ★★★★


I read a lot this month and even read 3 pretty thick books. Most of my reading took place in the first week and in the last week of the month. Mainly because The Wanderers is an 800+ page book and so that sucker took me an entire week to read. My most favorite book in the month of August is a tie between The Sound of Gravel (shocking!) and Beyond the Point, closely followed by The Turn of the Key * The Wanderers. I love the Shopaholic series which I’m reading two a month along for one of my book clubs but they’re fun reads not something that I would say are in my most impactful reads list. My least favorite book was Goodbye, Vitamin. It was really hard for me to get into it. Most likely because it jumps around and there isn’t one huge story line. It feels like reading someone’s journal with random thoughts. I liked it enough to finish it and it was less than 200 pages so it didn’t take me long to read but I was still ehh on the whole book.

20096E37-3142-424D-8695-949A59629544On a writing note, I wrote reviews for 7 of these books which is a huge accomplishment for me. I’m working on being more diligent on getting my reviews up in a timely manner but also trying to not just write reviews for books I liked. I won’t write one for a book I DNF (did not finish) or for anything under 3 stars as there are a lot really great books out in the world that are just not my cup a tea and I really would like to avoid tainting a book for someone else. In September I hope to write just as many reviews if not more, so wish me luck!




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