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Traveling is one of my greatest passions in life. I love the unknown of exploring new cities and especially eating my way through them. For some reason I find writing about my travel experiences to be the hardest topic focus on though. It might be that I just can’t find the right words to describe how a place made me feel or what I gained from the culture, who knows. To ease myself into sharing more about my travels, I’m kicking off my Travel Tuesday series with more of a recap or listing of all the countries I’ve been in my  27 years of life.

In the upcoming weeks I’ll dive deeper into the cities I’ve explored and share pictures from my travels. I’ll also be interviewing folks I know to talk and share their travel experiences with you as well! But without further ado, here is a complete list (I think it’s complete) of the countries that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to.

North America

  • United States: Out of the 50 states, I’ve been to 36 states plus D.C. in some capacity. I thought about listing all of them with a summary of why I’d been there and realized the list if really long so that will have to wait.
  • Canada: I have spent a minimal amount of time in Canada but had some work travel up in Montreal and have been to British Columbia for a family trip. I’m trying to find my way out to Lake Lousia and hope to one day travel across the country by train, but have yet to make it.
  • Mexico: We regularly have family trips to the beach resorts in Mexico and since I live in South Texas it use to be relatively easy to visit the border cities. 

Central/South America

My dad spent his high school years living in Panama and we spent two weeks there about 3 years ago on a family trip. Peru, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina are all on my list though.DCIM101GOPROG0861314.


Europe is where I’ve spent the most time outside of the United States.

  • UK: I spent a semester in undergrad living in Central London and was able to explore quite a bit in and around the UK area.
  • Germany: I was born in Germany while my parents were station there and spent my first year of life here. I’ve been back multiple times and honestly I would live here again if I could.
  • Other countries I’ve been to in Europe include: Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria.
  • Some of the main countries on my list to go to currently are: Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, and Belgium. 


In 2013 I spent a month in China and Hong Kong during my Junior year of undergrad. I also spent a month in India during my Senior year of undergrad (2014). Some places on my list to visit in Asia are: Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Burma.


Australia/ New Zealand

The majority of time I’ve spent in Australia was for work travel. I’ve really only been able to explore Sydney and Cairns in the the northeastern corner of Australia. I also spent some time in Auckland but haven’t spent nearly as much time as I would like to exploring both of these countries.


I thought just getting some of the places that I’ve been jotted down will help me to write more around my travel experiences. So here is to the start of #traveltuesday!

Curious about one of the places I’ve been? Let me know what you want to know more on in the comments!


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